Job Title:  Data Research Coordinator
Department:  Research, Milestone Development, and Evaluation
FLSA Status:  Exempt
Reports to:  Director, Outcomes Research and Evaluation
The following describes the various aspects of the designated job. Some or all of these aspects may be changed over time, with or without notice, at the sole discretion of the ACGME.

Applicants must be currently authorized to work in the United States (US) on a full-time basis. The ACGME will not provide employment sponsorship for this position (e.g., H-1B Visa or other US employment authorization).


Under general supervision, will evaluate and transform data to support the needs of the Milestones and Research team. The Data Research Coordinator will fulfill a lead role in data integration, processing, quality, and modeling of multiple large data sets to support current and future needs of the internal and external research community. The Data Research Coordinator will work with the Research and Milestones team to capture requirements based on the research aims and projects, and ensure these requirements are fully understood. This position will utilize technologies in line with the Department of Information Services (IS) vision for the ACGME to develop modern data and analytics capabilities.


·         Work closely with the Research and Milestones team to capture requirements, ensure requirements are well understood, and deliver high-quality, analysis-ready data sets for internal and external users.

·         Compile data sets for external users as specified within individual Data Use Agreements (DUAs).

·         Manage submission and tracking of internal review boards (IRBs) and DUAs.

·         Consult with internal and external data users.

·         Provide data that are accurate and reliable, ensuring information is easily available to users for direct consumption and integration into research workstreams.

·         Integrate multiple large data sets (internal and external) for research and analysis.

·         Ensure consistency, accuracy, and completeness of data from internal and external source systems; work directly with development teams and database administrators to implement corrective actions when issues arise.

·         Ensure ongoing maintenance and support of curated data, while communicating any necessary changes to internal and external users.

·         Perform data analysis activities to capture data requirements clearly, completely, and correctly, and represent them through a logical data model.

·         Maintain code base, associated data dictionaries, and documentation of all projects, processes, and quality assurance procedures. Provide ongoing support to internal and external users, and collaborate with appropriate data stewards where necessary.

·         Maintain a clear understanding of business workflow, processes, and events and how they are captured in transactional systems.

·         Design and develop data sets using tools such as SQL Management Studio or Databricks.

·         Work as a member of cross-functional team developing Azure Cloud solutions for the ACGME, particularly for cloud capabilities that involve advancing the research capabilities.

·         Compile DUAs by project chronologically for others to use for reference.

·         Manage development of the annual Milestones National Report, except for the predictive probability value (PPV) tables.

·         Other duties as assigned.





·         Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, or a related scientific or technical discipline.

·         Five years’ experience performing duties similar to those listed.

·         Three years’ experience defining and designing dimensional models.

·         Three years’ experience with enterprise integration, advanced analytics, and data models that support a federated architecture.

·         Three years’ experience with system design and integration tasks, comprising design and implementation of major systems, integration of systems elements, and related support systems.


·         Demonstrated ability to utilize a variety of Microsoft application development and database management tools.

·         Ability to create user documentation and provide user training.

·         Working knowledge of Data Warehouse principles and practices, as well as ETL [extract, transform, and load] solutions.

·         Strong SQL and data extraction skills.

·         Agility with additional programming languages, such as Python, Scala, etc.

·         Demonstrated commitment to and compliance with the organization’s policies and procedures.

·         Ability to implement projects and adhere to established timelines; must be able to work with various staff members and departments to complete projects.

·         Comfortable with ambiguity, variability, and change in business requirements.

·         Ability to communicate clearly, effectively, and appropriately for the intended purpose and audience.


·         This position is based in a typical office environment with no specific or unusual physical or environmental demands.

·         Most of the work performed is normally done in the ACGME office and/or home office with the typical physical demands of an office environment.

The ACGME is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Pro Disabled and Veteran Employer. The ACGME welcomes differences in the form of gender, race, ethnicity, disability, geography, socioeconomic status, age, politics, religion, philosophy, sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression status. All applicants who share this goal are encouraged to apply.

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