The Agriculture, Food, & Nutrition Evidence Center at Texas A&M University was founded in 2022 with a mandate to advance scientific understanding of society’s most challenging and vital questions about the agri-food system and its effects on nutrition, health, the environment, and the economy. We are located at the new Texas A&M University campus in Fort Worth.

We contribute to evidence-based solutions for malnutrition, diet-related chronic diseases, and economic and environmental sustainability of agriculture, while providing the scientific community with innovative tools and methods for appraising and synthesizing existing research.

We work with scientific experts from around the world (World Health Organization, Federal Department of Agriculture, Gates Foundation to name a few) to provide comprehensive evidence-based reviews to inform policymakers and other decision makers. The work we do serves consumers and producers by supporting the development of evidence-based policies and practices. These reviews use a transparent process to promote public trust and ensure that other researchers can replicate our findings.

To assist us with our mission, we need part-time research graduate students in the fields of public health, nutrition research, epidemiology, data science, food and nutrition science band library and library information science. These students do not have to be a student at Texas A & M University but must be in graduate programs in Texas and live in Texas but can work remotely.

Check out the Evidence Center and all it’s outstanding contributions at https://evidencecenter.tamu.edu/

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If you have questions please contact Trish Quinones, AFNEC Evidence Center, Texas A&M University, Fort Worth at evidencecenter@ag.tamu.edu. Thank you.


About Texas A&M University, Fort Worth. Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition Evidence Center

The Agriculture, Food, & Nutrition Evidence Center at Texas A&M University conducts and publishes research synthesis studies that integrate the scientific community’s understanding of the most important issues affecting human health and nutrition, the environment, and the economy. The Evidence Center is designed to ensure that its work is conducted with minimal bias.

Scientific oversight of the Evidence Center is provided by an External Advisory Board comprised of leading experts from around the world in nutrition, health, agriculture, and evidence review and synthesis methods. The board sets our research priorities and ensures that our work is transparent and adheres to the highest scientific and ethical standards.

We are funded by legislative appropriations and commissioned reviews from U.S. and international public health authorities. Any commissioned projects from nonprofit organizations are accepted only after consultation with the External Advisory Board. Members of individual research teams are required to submit relevant disclosures of funding they accepted or research they conducted related to the topic under review covering their entire career.

While our leadership oversees the refinement of research questions and ensures that reviews conform to our mission and standards, the researchers who conduct reviews have full and final authority over research findings and determinations. Study protocols, criteria, and anticipated benefits of reviews are published in advance to bolster transparency and replicability.

We strive to be accessible to the widest range of scientific inquiry. We accept questions posed by national and international public health agencies, policy makers, and academics, as well as members of the public, who can propose research topics by submitting suggestions through our website.