Make a difference.

As a senior-level manager for the Department of Health’s enterprise data science analytics team within the Center for Data Science, you’ll lead strategic initiatives to enhance data infrastructure, supporting the department’s mission. Your role involves leveraging data analytics for evidence-based decision-making, resource allocation, and addressing health needs efficiently. You’ll ensure transparent data dissemination to the public and stakeholders, fostering trust and accountability. Leading a team, you’ll identify health disparities, enabling targeted interventions for promoting health equity among Washingtonians. Your efforts will strengthen the department’s ability to respond to health emergencies through real-time data monitoring and predictive analytics, aligning with the state’s healthcare mission. Join us in creating a robust and responsive healthcare ecosystem prioritizing transparency, equity, and trust for all residents of Washington.


Work Setting

The incumbent may be located anywhere within the State of Washington. This full-time, permanent Senior Epidemiologist’s duty station is homebased. Telework (mobile work) is currently expected.  Required in-office work is rare and infrequent and would be scheduled in advance.

About Washington Department of Health

At DOH, we safeguard public health in an ever-evolving world. Through collaboration with local health jurisdictions and state, federal, and private partners, our programs, and services impact every Washingtonian and visitor daily. We're driven by Equity, Innovation, and Engagement, as outlined in our Transformational Plan for the future of Washington health.