Local Health Data System Specialist – (240000T6)



The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) is seeking a Local Health Data System Specialist. This role plays an essential part in supporting the Office of Local and Regional Health (OLRH) in achieving the goals outlined in the Blueprint for Public Health Excellence. Working under the guidance of the Assistant Director of Data Systems, you serve as a subject matter expert responsible for communicating the unique and specialized needs of LPH directly to the developers to best utilize the data system. You will also strategize and inform training materials and oversee the training and support of LPH workforce. Your in-depth, firsthand knowledge of the local public health system are crucial as you address all population health subject matter (excluding environmental health) inclusion and integration as well as troubleshooting these components when needed to ensure the system is working as intended once fully developed and deployed. Working closely with EOHHS IT as they support OLRH in the build out and ongoing iterations of this system, you will support the development of the public health strategist and data functions within the local public health data solution.

Your responsibilities extend beyond technical support, encompassing the standardization of processes to enable comprehensive data analysis, trend identification, and informed decision-making across the Commonwealth. You also support the evaluation process as the different iterations evolve so that it’s a user-friendly experience by leading/designing the system architecture through a health and racial equity lens in alignment with DPH equity priorities. As a key liaison between LPH and IT, your role is integral in eliminating duplication of effort, enhancing system access, and fostering a supportive environment for LPH to navigate the evolving data landscape. Your commitment to continuous quality improvement, development of resource materials, and proactive communication ensures the success of this critical initiative, making a lasting impact on public health outcomes.

The Office of Local and Regional Health acknowledges the history of structural racism and its impact on health. We are committed to improving the quality of life for all Commonwealth residents while eliminating inequities that impact the lives of communities of color who are disproportionately affected by conditions leading to poor health outcomes. The Local Health Data System Specialist will be part of the Office’s vision of implementing strategies that ensure the Office’s work, policies and programs are inclusive and equitable for all. The position must integrate health and racial equity principles throughout OLRH’s Performance Standards technical assistance at the state and local level to recognize and address the disparate health outcomes for marginalized populations.

About Massachusetts Department of Public Health

About the Department of Public Health:

The mission of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) is to prevent illness, injury, and premature death, to assure access to high quality public health and health care services, and to promote wellness and health equity for all people in the Commonwealth. We envision a Commonwealth in which all people enjoy optimal health. Massachusetts ranks among the healthiest of states according to comparative analyses, but we face numerous challenges, including chronic and infectious disease, substance abuse, violence, preventable hospitalizations, and health disparities. DPH coordinates programs and policies to address specific diseases and conditions and offer services to address the needs of vulnerable populations. We also develop, implement, promote, and enforce regulations and policies to assure that the conditions under which people live are most conducive to health and enable people to make healthy choices for themselves and their families. We license health professionals, healthcare facilities and a variety of businesses that impact public health. We operate the state laboratory and four public health hospitals. We monitor health status and manage vital records including births, marriages, and deaths. We educate people about public health issues and work closely with local boards of health and community partners to identify and solve public health problems.

Learn more about our important work: https://www.mass.gov/orgs/department-of-public-health