Job Description and Duties
The incumbent works under the general direction of the Health Program Manager II (Supervisor), Chief, Operations and Support Section, the Health Program Manager I (HPM I) manages the Policy and Planning Unit (PPU).


The HPM I oversees the administration of the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Fee Program, which is assessed on lead polluters and is a major source of funding for the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch (CLPPB). The HPM I supervises operation of the federally-funded Lead Hazard Reduction Grant Program, serves as a legislative and regulatory subject matter expert, and sets the CLPPB legislative agenda. The HPM I recruits, select, and trains six program staff. The HPM I manage external contracts as appropriate. The HPM I provides monthly progress reports to the Section Chief, and quarterly, annual, and as-needed progress reports / meetings / presentations to funders. The HPM I is also responsible for technical portions of Budget Change Proposals and bill analyses.


“This is a re-advertisement to increase candidate pool. If you previously applied, there is no need to re-apply as your application is on file.”


To obtain list eligibility for the Health Program Manager I, before applying for this position, you must first take and pass the Health Program Manager I exam:



The attached duty statement indicates whether this position is eligible for telework. All employees who telework are required to be California residents in accordance with Government Code 14200, and may be required to report to a CDPH office, when needed. Candidates who reside outside of the state of California may be interviewed; however, the selected candidate must have a primary residency in the state of California prior to appointment (and continue to maintain California residency) as a condition of employment. Failure to meet this requirement may result in the job offer being rescinded.

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